SBS introduced 4K TV, UHD TV, Watermark system and other interesting information about broadcasting at the 23rd Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show held at COEX from May 13th to 16th.

As an accompanied event, a quiz show was held. All the questions are about SBS’s own TV programs and their displayed products at KOBA 2013 and visitors who gave correct answers could get gifts like UBS or cushions.

(Photo : SBS  quiz show and cushion provided as a gift)

The quiz show was held at UHD TV Zone where 4K contents were on air. The contents are ‘The Soul of Seoul’, ‘K-Pop’ and ‘The Tulip Festival’, etc. All of hem shows crystal clear images and reality. Among them, ‘K-Pop’ content was very popular. It is a music video of ‘Expect’, Girlsday”s newly released song.

(Photo : UHD TV Zone and 4K contents)

At Full HD 3D Contents Zone, many people saw the superior quality of images.

(Photo : Full HD 3D Contents Zone)

SBS also introduced various technologies and systems for broadcast including Integration Archive System, LTE Mobile Relay System, Real-time  Info-graphic System, SBS VISUAL RADIO Gorilla 4.0, Social Service SOTY, Social Media Analysis System and Real-time Watermark System.

Especially, Real-time Watermark System was developed by SBS for the first time in Korea. If someone captures broadcast images and upload them online, watermark is automatically added. To protect broadcasting content’s copyright. Compared to other similar technologies, it is more efficient and saves cost.

With the theme of  “Broadcasting opens the future! Join the future wave!” KOBA is the only specialized global exhibition related with the converging broadcast industry. KOBA 2013 is to display 4K, UHD, Smart TV, Mobile TV, Digital Contents, Camera, VTR, Post-Production System, Delivery & Distribution Equipment, Video Post-Production Equipment, Character Generator, CATV System, Internet/Satellite Broadcasting Equipment, Audio equipment like Pro Audio, Microphone, Console, Mixer and instruments, Pro-Light/Stage Equipment and others.  About 700 models of ten thousand units will be displayed which gives the visitors of KOBA 2013 a great chance to learn about the latest products.

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(Photo : Real-time Watermark System)