GRIPIN( is participating at the ‘World IT Show 2013’ that is being held at the COEX Center till the 24th of May.

The ‘Belt Case’ released by Patter Breaker is for those who are always on the move and needs a safe and convenient case for their tablets.

Designed with a strong Velcro tape to adjust to fit any hand sizes, the grip part can be adjusted to use as a stand when placed on a flat surface or to hook onto any places or things.

Currently, ‘Belt Case’ is available for iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, Galaxy Note/Note 2.

This year’s ‘World IT Show’ is a great chance to witness in advance consumer IT trends, methods of rapid commercialization of new technologies and dynamic and diverse IT companies. Known as the marketplace to showcase state-of-the-art, innovative and groundbreaking technologies, as well as offering the ideal communication space for those businesses working within the global IT ecosystem; Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, SK Telecom, KT, Qualcomm and other domestic IT companies will participating. Mobile, Communications, Broadcasting, Cloud Computing, Big Data, IT Service, Software, Digital Contents, IT Convergence, and Industrial Electronics: all this and more can be explored at WIS.

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