IMEX upgrades MICE industry capabilities

IMEX, the worldwide exhibition for incentive travel, meetings, and events, is proof of the growing remarkable MICE industry.

IMEX America, which opened October 15th to 17th at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, has had one of the largest numbers of attendees and participating exhibitors, a 12% increase compared to 2012. This growth is a result of increased demand for booth space from previous exhibitors together with 80 new booths joining the exhibitor line-up for 2013.

IMEX shows the growth in this year’s exhibitor numbers. The 2,413 exhibiting companies to IMEX America in 2012 and 2,694 exhibitors participates on the show floor this year. IMEX America 3rd edition expands show floor with more exhibiting companies, entertainment industry, and country convention bureau.

The IMEX proves that the MICE Industries growth does exist in this sector. With the meeting and convention industry steadily growing, hotel business events and convention programs have been unveiling new designs to help cultivate international business relationships and local attractions.

As international meetings, conventions and conferences continue to increase, people are becoming more interested in expanding their business networking and getting information about their field through MICE opportunities.

Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE) industry, together are a type of tourism in which large organizations plan their field in advance and help to bring people together for their business goals.

MICE industry helps companies develop a well-planned agenda for their global meetings, which are centered on their goals and interests. People want places that are conveniently located and provide both an encouraging business and tourism atmosphere to achieve excellent purpose.

Regarding the MICE industry growth, it is a big part of the economy. MICE industry as a hospitality industry improves the tourism industry, job opportunities, and overseas marketing.

“Washington is a growing and developing city, one that really operates on its own and is quite distinct from federal government,” Vincent C. Gray, the mayor of Washington D.C says. “The convention and meeting industry are a huge part of our economy. We increased overall visitors from 17.9 million to 18.9 million between 2011 and 2012 after we start to new conferences and hotel.”

Many countries and hotels provide groups the best meeting places. The growing voice and recognition of business events sector has become a key contributor of the economy; therefore, country, city and many hotels should want to encourage their place as a global business events destination with an innovated environment.

“Every guest at one of our properties is important to us. The MICE industry plays a large role in the hotel business and is therefore an important aspect of what we do,” Katheleen o’connell, account supervisor at wagstaff worldwide, inc. public relations says.

‘Go Green,’ Green Meeting Industry

(Photo: Brain Food from Radisson Blu)
The meeting trend turns to the greenest meeting, and enterprise. The meeting place reduces the carbon footprint with green project such as low-carbon public transport, and any eco-friendly business.

Sand Expo in Las Vegas announced that it provides a number of innovative ways to ensure that meetings can be more eco-friendly during their IMEX Expo with more recycling opportunities and use of eco-friendly products.

Radisson Blu, a hotel brand, offers the Brain Food and Brain Box- which is an interactive meeting in nature including foods for convention. The concept of Brain Food is that it increases mental concentration and reduces fatigue through food.

“With this program, professionals can tailor their meeting experience from a creative surrounding that benefits their respective learning styles to culinary offerings that stimulate the mind,” says Rose Kutzli, Vice President of Branding at Radisson Blu.

Another trend of the meeting industry is to integrate technology and social media to improve marketing and social presence of different events. This will improve the overall meeting environment and promote facilities.