Official dealer of Volkswogen Korea, UCARO automobile(representative Hojong Han) has opened the new showroom·service center in Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and declared on taking over the new markets on 11th.

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province is the province where the people of important associations and companies have settled recently and rapidly due to the construction of innovation city. Therefore it has become blue ocean for export cars recording 1706.6% of growth rate compared to the last year with 4,354 cars sold .

For the base security of customer, Jeju showroom·service center provides one-stop service which takes care of merchandise and management at Jeju showroom·service that is built with 3 stories in 873.09m2. In particular, in consideration of character of Jeju, it will be especially arranged for blue ocean line-up as well as 7th generation new style golf. In addition, the service center with 2 work bay and cutting edge facilities offers prompt maintenance service up to 10 for a day.  Besides, accessory showroom zone will be equally arranged which is suitable for each model and different level of customers.

Along with all, opening event ‘The One Flavor’ will be conducted, as well for meeting potential customers in Jeju, and as the special chance, it will give Volkswogen wallet as a gift for visitors to Asian fusion restaurant MANOG and JEJU LUST until 24th of November. After the due date, it will provide another special gift if you have receipt of those restaurants.

Volkswogen Korea has now 25 showrooms and 16 service centers including Jeju showroom·service center.

by Miri Ahn, intern reporter