Galaxy Outdoor, LLC. showcases ‘Kamado Rocket,’ the advanced cooking system grill at the International Pool, Spa, and Patio (PSP) Expo show in the Mandalay Bay Hotel Convention Center which opens from November 12nd to 14th, 2013.

(Photo: Bruce Spangrud, president at Galaxy Outdoor introduces the Kamado Rocket)

It can apply with all types of fuel; use the gas to assist in lighting the charcoal, wood, or burner as a standard grill. It is 100% handmade to the highest quality in the United States.

It provides accurate, controlled temperatures for precise grilling, baking, smoking, and searing. The Top of dorm shape has damper which allow temperature control through restricting the air flow.

The PSP EXPO 2013 offers an exceptional education program and new line-up of events and products with 1,400 booths. The EXPO provides specialized pavilions including the Product Showcase, the Backyard Living Pavilion, APSP pavilion, Genesis 3 Design-Build-Landscape Pavilion and the new hot spot & rec room.