Hyundai Motor participates at “The international Green energy EXPO” which takes place in DAEGU EXCO on April 2nd for three days to display hydrogen fuel cell bus and vehicle ‘ix35’.

The vehicle emits only water by hydrogen and oxygen reaction which is occurred by using hydrogen energy. Ix35 which is successfully produced and exported is eco-friendly and the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle of 2013. It takes only three minutes to fully fuel, delivering a maximum operating range of 594 km.

Safety has been enabled through artificial engine volume for pedestrian protection. Ix35’s engine power of fuel cell and motor are 100kW, and the top speed is 160km/h. It also delivers a top speed of 0 to 100km/h in 12.5 seconds. The vehicle’s fuel economy is 27.8m/L(New Europe Driving Cycle, NEDC), and 0.95kg/100km(Oxygen).

Hyundai Motors also displays 54-seater hydrogen fuel cell bus through the exhibition. The bus is the next eco-friendly vehicle which is driven by electric energy that is made by the electrochemistry reaction of oxygen and hydrogen. No toxic emission is released while driving.

The bus has enabled the power of general buses by applying the 300kW class large driving motor which uses a permanent magnet. Test operation has been done through 2012 Yeosu EXPO, and Incheon international airport.  It has gained the reliability of the vehicle.

‘International Green Energy Expo & Conference’ (IGEEC)( hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongsangbuk-do includes 1000 booths of 300 companies from 25 countries exhibiting cell·module, material·components, power·pant system, solar cell·module production equipment. Three major companies; LDK, Gold Wind, Hanergy are featured on export consulting sessions .

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(photo: High Pressure Hydrogen Storage System)

(photo: hydrogen fuel cell bus)