Geosung( presents ‘Tire Printer’ which prints desired design on tire, nation’s first of its kind at Seoul Auto Salon that takes place at COEX from 10th(Thur)to 13th(Sun). (MADE IN JAPAN)

‘Tire Printer’ is based on special inkjet technology, which enables to print images, photographs or texts on tire or wheel.

Average output speed is 6~7 minutes for one tire. It lasts about an year as is normal tire exchange period. 200,000 won for a normal sedan.

It allows user to print their desirable image which may be done by photoshop by themselves, so they can make their own characterful individual tire and it is also efficient for company promotion.

Organized by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Republic of Korea and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, this year’s Seoul Auto Salon is managed by KATIA and Seoul MESSE.  The 12th Seoul Auto Salon ranks more than 850,000, the cumulative number of visitors as it becomes nation’s representative car tunning aftermarket show.

The show aims to have 200,000 visitors. They organize car auction, tunning car festival, seminar on tunning industry invigoration and electric car leaders forum, and arrange dress up zone, restore zone, etc

AVING News, official media partner for this year’s Seoul Auto Salon, provides real-time live video with DID Solution and ‘CLOUD VISION’ Android-base digital signage middleware platform of Knowck( on the show floor.

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