KUNTOY(www.kuntoy.com) showed its ongoing figure and character licensing products like bags and watchers at ‘2014 Gwangju ACE Fair’ held at Kimdaejung Convention Center on Sep 25th to 28th for four days.

Designer KUNTOY pursuits simple but colorful outlook with highly efficient function, and KUNTOY products show what the designer’s philosophy is exactly.

Four years ago, KUNTOY started with 9 different products but now pumps out new characters for every different season, accumulating 20 different characters so far for satisfying their marketing goal, targeting both adults and global markets.

KUNTOY runs an individual shop at Insadong and 20 offline shop-in-shop businesses. Not only off-line shops, their own online-shops and other online-shopping distributors selling KUNTOY products are available now.

ACE Fair, which stands for Asia Content & Entertainment Fair in Gwangju, was hosted by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) and Gwangju City; and Kimdaejung Convention Center, KOTRA, KOCCA, KCTA, GITCT, and GDC jointly organized the show. At “2014 Gwangju ACE Fair,” 424 companies from 40 countries including 220 foreign buyers from the U.S.A., France, Poland, and China participated in ACE Fair.

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