WEO KOREA(www.weo.co.kr) unveiled “Emotion Doll” under the partnership with EI Skills Group_Korea at ‘2014 Gwangju ACE Fair’ held at Kimdaejung Convention Center on Sep 25th to 28th for four days.

(photo: With “Emotion Doll,” a user can literally change eyebrows and lips of the doll to express different emotional states that may represent what the user’s current feelings are, and show that current emotional status like anger, depression, and happiness by moving a character on the different squares of “emotion belly”)

WEO KOREA develops and distributes rag dolls, accessories, and figures as they are a professional character producer. As for company promotion business, they also run the business of producing company symbol dolls representing the company image from consultation to mass production.

“Emotion Doll” helps a child to better, honesty, and comfortably express their emotion through playing with this doll, thus this doll helps communicate a child and others.

WEO KOREA is currently the licensing company of NEXON, a famous game developer, to produce KART RIDER and MapleStory game dolls, and they showcased various products including “Emotion Doll” like Kloud Beer, Tsingtao Beer, and hand-made wall-hanging animal dolls in felt material.

ACE Fair, which stands for Asia Content & Entertainment Fair in Gwangju, was hosted by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) and Gwangju City; and Kimdaejung Convention Center, KOTRA, KOCCA, KCTA, GITCT, and GDC jointly organized the show. At “2014 Gwangju ACE Fair,” 424 companies from 40 countries including 220 foreign buyers from the U.S.A., France, Poland, and China participated in ACE Fair.

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