SF Globiz, Corp (www.shoeplex.co.kr)shows off its reputation of experts in export commerce and domestic distribution at Busan International Shoe Show(BISS) 2014 at BEXCO Exhibition Center on September 25th to 27th.

Currently, SF Globiz is leading domestic fashion trend by introducing global top brands through market research as they prepare 60 global brands meanwhile.

In 2010, SF Globiz started online business and entered into B2C business to lay fashion multi shop shoeplex.

In 2012, the company established sole brand distributor, and through the US and Spain sole distributor contracts, SF Globiz is unfolding their exclusive business in the country, and meanwhile, with their know-how, the company is also entering PB Brand Development business to launch Australia Blue Mountain.

Under the theme “Fun&Business,” BISS 2014 was hosted by Busan Metropolitan City and organized by Footwear Industrial Promotion Center. The show invited 120 companies that filled up 260 booths.

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