INNUS( presented its design shoes “Ki” which exudes oriental culture and design at Busan International Shoe Show(BISS) 2014 at BEXCO Exhibition Center on September 25th to 27th.

“Ki” is the newly launched shoe brand that exudes oriental values including Korea and its concept and style realize Orientalism.

Insole and outsole are not separated but all-in-one, and glue material was not used in making Ki to feature its eco-friendly characteristics. When a person wears it, the user enjoys spacious fit as the shoes are designed to remove the foot twist because of unnecessary space inside shoes.

INNUS received Red dot Award 2012 in their company history.

Under the theme “Fun&Business,” BISS 2014 was hosted by Busan Metropolitan City and organized by Footwear Industrial Promotion Center. The show invited 120 companies that filled up 260 booths.

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