One of the essential accessories that has to be carried around when bike riding is UV protected sunglasses, and many people are taking interest in sunglasses that can block the UV rays.

S-VIEW ( specializes in high-quality films with different special functions, such as privacy protection, antireflection, and antibacterial properties. S-VIEW’s various screen protection films can be used for electronic devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, and cameras.

People should have UV protection sunglasses when riding a bike for long hours. Roits Nine (CEO Huh Jae-yu)’s S-VIEW ( “Face Sunglass” effectively blocks 99% of UV light and protects the eyes and facial skin during outdoor activities. Also, the product is ultra-lightweight, so people can comfortably wear it for long hours.

The “Face Sunglass” is perfect for long bike rides. The product not only blocks 99% of UV light, but it also prevents pollen, winged insects, and micro dust from entering the eyes, nose, and mouth. It protects the entire face, as well as the nose and mouth. So, this product is great for sports activities.

The S-VIEW “Face Sunglass” comes in brown and colorless, and people can choose small, medium, and large sizes.

More details about S-VIEW Face Sunglass can be found on the S-VIEW shopping mall site ( and four major Internet markets: Gmarket, Auction, 11st, and Interpark.