Inomdle Lab(CEO HyeonCheol Choi) introduced ‘Sgnl’ at IFA 2016, the world’s biggest electronics exhibition which runs from September 2nd to 7th, Berlin, Germany.

Idomdle Lab was founded from Samsung’s ‘C-LAB’ and began as a spin-off start-up.


(Photo Description: CEO HyeonCheol Choi of Inomdle Lab)

‘Sgnl’ is a smart strap which is available to take a phone call by using finger tip. It can be used with Samsung Gear, Apple Watch and other general watches.

It can be aslo used as a smart band by connecting to a bolted accessory.


With SNGL, answering calls is direct and immediate. There is no need to rummage through bags when the phone rings or carry around extra headsets or earphones. Users can simply raise their finger to their ear to answer calls.

Even in the noisiest of surroundings, users can hear their calls clearly. With Sgnl, their finger doesn’t just transmit the voice to their ear, it also blocks out background noise.

With Sgnl, users can take calls discretely. As sound is contained within the users’ ear, only the wearer of Sgnl can hear the call. Whether in a meeting room or in a packed elevator, users never  need to worry about being overheard. Sgnl  is particularly useful for smartwatch wearers as it can prevent others from listening into conversations over their speaker phones.


Sgnl’s key technology lies in its patented Body Conduction Unit (BCU), which is capable of transmitting vibrations through the body, which then can be converted to sound. Sgnl communicates with the user’s phone through Bluetooth, and when a voice signal is received, Sgnl will generate vibrations through its BCU. These vibrations will be sent through the users’ hand to their fingertip. When users place their fingertip to their ear, the vibration echoes to create amplified sound within the closed space of their ear and they can speak through the microphone embedded in the Sgnl strap.

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