World’s first Samsung Gear VR car racing game will be released in South Korea at the end of October. Gear VR is Samsung’s million seller VR headset.

The game design company ‘Wonil Games’ with interactive contents design company ‘Escaper Studio’ developed a car racing game ‘Overtake’ exclusively for Samsung VR and will launch through Oculus store in this third quarter.

‘Overtake’ is a virtual reality car racing game in which players engage in risky acrobatic racing between cars. Unlike other games where the point of game is winning after competing with others, this game focuses on ‘overtaking’ itself.

Using the experience of the former car-racer and current CEO Wonil Lee, the game successfully reproduces the vivid sensation of actually driving a car.

Seeing how simple it is to enjoy the game, compared to existing console games or PC games with complex controls, is also another interesting factor. Only VR headset is need to enjoy the full game without any handles or special controller.

“With the release of ‘Overtake,’ I wish all the racing game users, not only in Korea but worldwide, will be able to enjoy the VR racing game at a minimal cost.” said Wonil Lee, the CEO of Wonil Games.

Wonil Games and Escapers Studio are in the process of developing ‘Overtake’ Oculus lift version as well as android, iOS mobile versions.