Paint Pam(www.paintpam.com) introduced its screen for projectors made of paint “S-paint” at Korea Electronics Show 2016, which ran Oct. 26-29 at COEX.

By painting S-paint on the glass or wall, it becomes a screen for projectors. There are two types, S-paint for glass and S-paint for wall.



It can be applied on either the outer side or inner side of the glass, and it becomes a screen that can be used for home theaters, meetings, and media facade.

S-paint shows very sharp images with a broad spectrum of light and darkness. Also, the paint can easily be removed.

The company is soon to release “M-paint”, paint for writing on the walls that have been painted with S-paint. These products have a versatile use, for schools, homes, and office.




Director Kim Bok-eung of Paint Pam said, “We had meetings with many buyers from Turkey, the US, Russia, Hungary, and Brazil. Seeing that many people showed interest in our products, I predict that our products will be available in many places soon.”

Hosted by MOTIE and organized by KEA, KES 2016 is the major international electronics and IT trade show in Korea where the convergence solution in the leading fields like electronics, ICT, semiconductors, and display and industry and IT convergence, digital broadcasting, smart education, smart factory, and e-health is displayed.

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