SPACOSA (CEO Cho, Wooju), the location cloud solution company, is launching Gper, the first real-time location tracking device exclusively for SKT IoT LoRa, on November 1.

Device is designed as 50mm X 50mm to minimize the size. 90 minutes of charging can last up to 5 days or it can also be used as being charged. If children or dementia patients carry Gper, their family can track their real time location and prevent any disappearance. Gper also allows corporations to see the real-time location of their freight and express cars at a glance and therefore enables corporations to manage their businesses more efficiently.

Gper, is composed of GPS module, Gyro sensor (angular velocity sensor), Beacon(bluetooth near-distance wireless device) and LoRa (SKT IoT exclusive network) to be applied in wide variety of platform.

SPACOSA possesses the location tracking server and firmware technology of the device as well as the service know-how accumulated over years of operation.

Location server connects Gper devices that is consisted of distributed servers. It is currently used in web/app platform of the vehicle control service called ‘Ah!Cha’.

By providing exclusive SDK, development time can be reduced and develop latest trends product that reflects the characteristics of each company’s platform.

SPACOSA’s business model is divided into B2C and B2B and operated by monthly subscription. B2C is charged per device(including all utility fee) whereas B2B is priced Max Query per section.

Cho, Wooju, the CEO of SPACOSA said that “we are currently expending its business to domestic market of commercial vehicles and South-East Asian market of motor-cycles.” and that “Using platform API, a company can connect directly to its application or device to save the expenses.”

SPACOSA’s location tracking solution, which is currently used by O2O companies like YPER and Washwat, accumulating know-how on location tracking though the user’s application. It can locate the device with application or effective traffic distribution.

To celebrate the launch of Gper, SPACOSA is having an event of giving out present to whomever finds Gper. For more information, look their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/spacosa.gps)

SPACOSA has attracted one billion won when it made to top five companies in Pusan Start-up challenge which was held on last October 28th, and hosted by Pusan Creative Economy Innovation Center.