Lodev(CEO, Kang,Yoohee, www.lodev.kr), a company specializes in education,culture and IT, finally commercialized the after school management mobile web service ‘Codimaster’ after two years of development period, and is now successfully contracting the primary and secondary school institutions all ever the Korea.

Lodev is 13 years old IT company founded in 2004 with a portfolio of constructing a system for information-oriented public cultural businesses and reservation-based system. With the philosophy of ‘Where there is education and culture, there is Lodev’, the company has been developing advanced solutions for ticket-box, ibook, EZ-LMS, as well as smartphone applications.

Codimaster project was inspired by a concern of a parent. Kang, Yoohee, the CEO, wanted to reduce the cost of private education by improving the quality of education at the public schools. The goal soon became minimization of the teacher’s work burden and maximization of parent’s convenience.

According to the officials from Lodev, the system is well received by teachers because it reduces the teacher’s work time after school by 1/20 and efficiently facilitates their busywork like taking care of class registration, tuition payment, and attendance.

Kang, Yoohee, the CEO of Lodev, mentioned that ‘operating one after school programs needs as much workload as a small college’ so ‘I developed this program from parent’s perspective after seeing my own child in after school program and having difficulties meeting with school teacher.”

Codimaster took opinions from education field when enhancing the quality of the product. It is a web-solution optimized for multiple devices and now implemented in 90 different schools after the release of full version.

The system doesn’t require complicated installation of application and yet still turns complex administrative works into one text message that the teachers used to take care after school: registration, survey, attendance, letters to parents, and etc.

In some cases when the after school program registration opens up, regular tasks are hindered by the traffic overload. After nothing this problem, the system offers advanced server and technology which allows the efficient registration without joining the website.

This smart after school management solution, Codimaster, works only with a single text and implemented in schools after legally reviewed regarding the protection of personal information. It is a safe and efficient system that connects school and parents.

Use of the real-time monitoring technology to protect server, the system shows exceptional technology which notifies the person in charge while protecting anyone connected to server if there is any intrusion.

“Korea is one of the leaders in IT, so I am proud to make innovative solutions and I look forward to export it to the South-East Asia” said the CEO Kang Yoohee. he and the company aim not to pursue the financial benefits of sight but to pursue the united the education and culture.