Crying Bebe( is a community of mothers raising children created for the promotion of its crying analyzer. It is currently running the child development journal, free photo book, and child-related counseling.

Baby crying analyzer, the service which Crying Bebe provides, can help the mothers to take immediate action to the situations by identifying the patterns of crying by five types.

Through the free photo book service, another service provided by Crying Bebe, pictures taken by smartphones are made into photo books and given to the mothers. ACO publishes about 10,000 to 20,000 photo books per month, and it also provides child development journal and child-related counseling as other services.


There are about 300,000 members in the community of Crying Bebe. With the goal to have all mothers in Korea to communicate and get information in this community, the service is available in Korean and English, and will also be available in Chinese.

Jeon Jun-ho, the CEO of Crying Bebe, said, “To develop Crying Bebe further, we are currently developing speech disorder related service. We are also going to make our crying analyzing system and speech disorder related service more precise.”

Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency(DIP)is running marketing support activities for the smart knowledge service-based companies to enter the global market, and ACO is one of the companies being fostered by DIP.

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