MK(www.mkworld.net) participate in Gyeonggi Province Special Exhibition and introduced its automatic dimming device for LED light equipment at Korea Energy Show 2016, which ran Nov 8-11 at KINTEX.

MK began its LED light business in 2009, and it acquired LED security light installation project in Gwanggyo in 2010 and Korea Expressway Corporation in 2013.

With its dimming device, users can reduce 30% of energy per year, and extend the life of the LED equipment by five years from 10 to 15. The device can be connected to the existing system, having no need to replace the distributor or switch.



It is water-resistant, so it can be used both indoor and outdoor, and different dimming modes can be selected. The client can request for the level of dimming mode, and the malfunction of it can be checked easily by the LED indicator. It passed KC electromagnetic wave test, making it safe to use.

Hosted by MOTIE and organized by Korea Energy Agency, Korea Energy Show 2016 is a comprehensive trade show covering new energy business, new and renewable energy, high-efficiency energy, energy environment, and energy policy technology. It was prepared to provide marketing support to the energy companies to contribute to the development and stimulation of the energy industry of Korea.

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