Lindsay Cosmetics (CEO Yu Hee-Sook, www.lindsaycos.com) participated in ’14th 2016 Beauty Expo Korea’ held at COEX C Hall, Seoul from November 25th to 27th, introducing the Luxury Magic Mask and the Gypsum Outline Mask.

The Lindsay Luxury Magic Mask is made by mixing the liquid and powder types included in the set without needing to adjust the concentration by water, making it easy for beginners to engage in home aesthetics. The gel-type modeling mask pack makes it easy to use without any clogging. It is made smooth by itself and the product is improved so that the formulation does not flow down during application.



The Magic Mask contains a large amount of ALGIN, so it has a strong moisturizing effect on dry skin and keeps the skin moist and long after removing the pack. In addition, it is more advantageous due to its elastic formulation, unlike the existing modeling pack, there is no residue left when the pack is removed. Strong adhesion helps to pull the skin to help make the face line resilient and smooth.

With components of 24K gold containing in the Gold Magic Mask, it helps to create a dull and irritated skin and stimulates vital skin. Charcoal Magic Mask, which absorbs the waste of pores and balances oil content, contains seaweed extract and tea tree. There are three kinds of Aqua (tea tree) magic masks which give enhanced moisturizing and pore management effect to rough skin containing.



Unlike the gypsum pack, which was first introduced at BeautyExpo Korea, the gypsum contour mask is a sheet mask type that is easy to use unlike the gypsum pack which must be used with water. It prevents the evaporation of the essence and dissolves the active ingredient deeply into the skin. In addition, when the gypsum hardens, it accelerates the blood circulation and lymph flow in the process of contracting, and it helps to hold the dangling face and the jaw line in three dimensions and tighten the pores and help to grow into a resilient small face.

Meanwhile, 2016 Beauty Expo Korea is an international exhibition certified by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. It is held in the second half of every year to inform cosmetics and beauty industry, which is the center of Korean Wave, overseas. More than 1,200 foreign buyers from about 40 countries will visit this exhibition.

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