Hugel’s Wellage (CEO Song Seong-Keun, www.wellage.co.kr) participated in ’14th 2016 Beauty Expo Korea’ held in COEX C Hall, Seoul from November 25th to 27th, introducing the Vita injection mask and the National Mask in participation.

The Vita Injection Mask Pack is a new concept mask that is injected with a needle built into the product just before using Vitamin C. You can select the product for each color according to the desired purpose. Red for clear skin care, blue for moisturizing care, and a black mask for skin rejuvenation care.





Wellage is a new concept bio cosmetic brand that offers a one-step progressive anti-aging care developed by the Hugel Bio-dermatological Research Institute. Based on Hugel’s research and development accumulated over the years through the development of botulinum toxin and filler products, SKIN TOUCH COMMUNICATION PROJECT is helping to get rid of the delay in aging and restore the skin’s fundamental health and beauty to the lifestyle and life cycle of women.

Meanwhile, 2016 Beauty Expo Korea is an international exhibition certified by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. It is held in the second half of every year to inform cosmetics and beauty industry, which is the center of Korean Wave, overseas. More than 1,200 foreign buyers from about 40 countries will visit this exhibition.

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