Aeryjo (CEO Cho Yoon-ho, www.aeryjo.co.kr) participated in ’14th 2016 Beauty Expo Korea’ held in COEX C Hall, Seoul from November 25th to 27th, introducing various shadow products.

Aeryjo, which has been loved for over 20 years, is recognized worldwide and is well known for its specialty with shades.

Aeryjo’s Designer Eyeshadow, with its color sharpness, is an eye shadow for professional makeup artists, with its soft and grainy components, having a good compression strength, little powder spillage, does not color on the skin, and can be refilled.




Along with Eye Shadow, Aeryjo’s exclusive product, Tanning Makeup, is a favorite among users. Aeryjo Makeup is a foundation for creating a healthy coppery skin mirroring the effect of a tan. Elastin complex silicone gel contains silky, smooth feeling and is easy to use without any irritation to the skin.

In addition to this, Ruth Trans Lucent Face Powder, Make-up Box, Eye Lash and many other products are available for professional make-up.

Meanwhile, 2016 Beauty Expo Korea is an international exhibition certified by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. It is held in the second half of every year to inform cosmetics and beauty industry, which is the center of Korean Wave, overseas. More than 1,200 foreign buyers from about 40 countries will visit this exhibition.

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