Biocos (CEO Yoo Hak-Su, www.biocos.co.kr) participated in ’14th 2016 Beauty Expo Korea’ held at COEX C Hall, Seoul from November 25th to 27th, introducing the  Vitamin C Collagen Powder Ampoule Planning set.

Biocos, specialized in Koreana, etc., cosmetics ODM, and OEM, introduced its own brand of Vitamin C Collagen Powder Ampoule Planning Kit, which consists of volume ampoule, powder ampoule and eye corrector.

Biocos’ Luminous Effect Synergy Volume Ampoule effectively cures moisture and nutrient deficiencies that cause aging, and functional ingredients add deeper elasticity and clarity to the skin, creating a beautiful, healthy skin.




Biocos’ Luminous Effect Vitamin C Collagen Powder Ampoule is a brightening powder ampoule that freshly and effectively delivers the active ingredients. It is a trans-foam formula that is applied to the skin and transformed from powder to ampoule. It quickly absorbs and at the same time forms a thin film and lasts moisturized.

Biocos’ Luminous Effect Eye Corrector is a thin, soft and supple skin that is easy to lose elasticity. It helps reduce wrinkles and elasticity and brightens skin, making one’s eyes look younger.

Meanwhile, 2016 Beauty Expo Korea is an international exhibition certified by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. It is held in the second half of every year to inform cosmetics and beauty industry, which is the center of Korean Wave, overseas. More than 1,200 foreign buyers from about 40 countries will visit this exhibition.

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