Oilaria participated in ’14th 2016 Beauty Expo Korea’ at COEX C Hall, Seoul from November 25th to 27th, introducing balm products.

Oilaria was developed, wanting to convey the good ingredients of domestic cherries and perilla to the skin. Aria has the meaning of ‘fairy’ in Korean. These oils are made from the fairy that protects fragile child’s skin and contain natural ingredients that are mild enough to be used by infants and toddlers.

In particular, at this beauty expo, they showed a product that can calm the sensitive skin due to the sudden temperature difference. Zaun Touch Balm consists of two kinds of chestnuts and a color of purple-pinkish night product of azalea color enhancing skin moisturizing, lips moisturizing, elbow, heel, sensitive skin calming and oil film moisturizing, baby diaper It can be used for baby massage, hand massage and shiatsu, hair cracks, cuticle cleansing, etc. Chung-bi Touch Balm is used when you want to nurture your nose from fine dust. It is possible to use it from child to an adult as it forms a protective film.

2016 Beauty Expo Korea is global Expo certified by Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy which held at every second half under the purpose of showing off cosmetic and beauty industry to worldwide. About 1,200 buyers from 40 different countries visit this 2016 Beauty Expo Korea.

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