SPACOSA Co., Ltd. (SPACOSA CEO Cho Woo-Joo), a provider of location navigation solutions, will participate in the ‘2016 Smart City Expo World Congress’ to enter the Southeast Asian market in earnest.

The ‘Smart City World Expo Congress’ will be held from 15th to 17th November in Barcelona, Spain. It is a special exhibition of Smart City and Internet of Objects (IoT) with more than 100 countries and companies gathering together with the best technology in the related field will discuss the technical trends and practical application.

With the support of Seoul Development Agency (SBA), SPACOSA participating in this exhibition will show a location control system for public vehicle service to be introduced in Smart City, which is being prepared in some cities in Southeast Asia.

Through this, SPACOSA plans to establish a foothold in the global market by preempting the Southeast Asian market, which is a real demand point for LoRa network and an important base for system testing. In addition, SPACOSA is seeking to introduce services in Europe, which already has a LoRa network.

In the meantime, SPACOSA has been very interested in introducing LoRa-based location device ‘Gper’ in early November. Gper is a tracking device that can be applied to various platforms such as GPS / gyro (gravity sensor) / beacon (Bluetooth wireless communication device) / LoRa (SKT IoT dedicated network) module and Gper is made in small size and portable, and can be used for more than 5 days with 90 minutes charge.

Real-time location control is possible, so Efficient dispatch management of commercial vehicles, as well as school bus and tourist management and so on. In addition, Gper is expected to have a crime prevention function as well as prevention of missing children/disappearance of elderly with Dementia.

Cho Woo-Joo, CEO of SPACOSA said “Spacosa is not only providing location information, but also producing meaningful ‘information’ using its location,” and “In the future, SPACOSA plans to provide more valuable services by providing various information such as climate, air quality, etc. to spatial information.

SPACOSA plans to introduce zipper system to about 1,000 kindergarten buses this year, and will launch a zipper related trial service in Pooket in with SK Telecom next month. In addition, SPACOSA is planning to apply NB-IoT service in the future, so it is expected that it will become more specialized as a location solution company linked to Internet of the Things.