Recently, people around the world are paying attention to air purifiers due to find dust and air pollution from China. There are many different kinds of air purifiers, ranging from cheap products to European products that cost millions of won, but still, smart air purifiers that customers really want are hard to find. However, smart air purifiers that satisfy such trends and consumers’ needs have launched in crowd funding, and this has become an important issue.

Among the air purifiers that were listed on Indiegogo, the original crowd funding website in the United States, Aving news have selected two products that have caught the attention of consumers and would like to introduce them.


AIRDOG X5 by Silicon Valley Air Expert Inc. that Purifies Air with Semi-Permanent Filter

AIRDOG X5 BY Silicon Valley Air Expert Inc. is currently the number one product in Indegogo in the field of air purifiers. There are still 11 days left until the end of a campaign, but it has already exceeded the target value of funding by 1279%. The most outstanding feature of AIRDOG X5 is that uses a semi-permanent filter instead of a disposable filter, unlike other regular air purifiers. Thanks to this, it can purify indoor air environmentally, reduce noises and filter replacement costs. In addition, users do not have to worry about its location since it purifiers the air at 360 degrees.


Clair-S by Clair that has Sound Therapy Function for Inducing Sleep

A child who couldn’t sleep easily and woke up frequently for his being too sensitive, and a co-worker who couldn’t sleep well due to taking care of the child and coming to work with bloodshot eyes – A warm idea of a developer who worried about such problems created a sound therapy air purifier, ‘Clair S’, which has never existed in the world.

‘Clair S’ is an innovative product that has combined an advanced air purification function with the IoT technology and Bluetooth speaker function. It also has sounds for sleep-inducing, mediation, mind and body stability, concentration as well as a recording function.