AR (CEO, Seung Il Han) participated in the 33rd Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2017), held at COEX from March 16th to 19th and exhibited its Clean Room System.

The facilities of a hospital building consists of heating and air-conditioning facilities (including clean room facilities), sanitary facilities, kitchen facilities, gas facilities, medical equipment cooling facilities and fire extinguishing facilities. AR is a company specializing in clean room facilities and medical equipment cooling facilities amongst heating and air conditioning facilities.

Among the hospital facilities, the areas requiring a clean room are the surgery unit, intensive care unit, delivery room, nursery, and in BMT (Bone Marrow Transplantation) units. Most indoor temperature and humidity conditions are similar to the general public health conditions except for the surgery unit, but the required cleanliness is planned differently depending on the infection risk level of the patient, that is, after a patient has undergone laparotomy, or considering the physical condition of a patient in general. Particularly, hypothermic surgery units dealing with cardiovascular systems require a great deal of attention due to sudden rise and fall in temperature, and AR provides clean room equipment solutions that take into account such factors.

Meanwhile, KIMES 2017 is Korea’s largest exhibition for medical and hospital equipment. It presents new technology and products from all industries that have merged with the medical industry, such as ubiquitous healthcare through communication, medical waste facility that takes into account the environment, advanced hospital facility built with beautiful architectural technology, medical information system combined with IT, transportation for rapid patient transport from the automobile industry, etc.

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