Yong An Environmental Engineering introduced construction materials, utilizing cork board at ‘2017 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition’ which runs from March 30th to April. 1st at Venetian Macao Expo hall.

Cork is a 100% natural product obtained from cleaning process of cork tree. Cork tree is also well-known for relieving global warming through isolating huge amount of carbon dioxide. Cork board which will be used in a construction site will expand its volume with steam. Therefore, it can perform a solid glue without usage of any synthetic materials.


A representative explained that this product satisfied EC marketing allowance and EN 13170 of Europe and will be monitored and checked regularly concerning technological aspect of LNEC.

Cork board has various strengths and one of them is heat and sound resistance, thus it could reduce the energy usage up to 50%. Moreover, it is a healthy natural fire retardant product without provocation of any smoke. It could also reduces thickness of the wall while preventing moisture and dew condensation while increasing durability of exterior wall. It can also enable to restore walls without giving any discomfort or damage to the residents.

Meanwhile, MIECF is an international exhibition that promotes the technological and information exchange between the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region (Hong Kong, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, and Macao) in Southern Mainland China and international markets. This year, it was run by the theme: Innovative Green Development for Sustainable Future.

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