Experian Korea (CEO, Yoo, Jae-Yong) participated in World IT Show 2017 (WIS 2017) held at COEX A, B, C Halls from May 24th (Wed) to 27th (Sat), and introduced its major products such as Headphone:X™ and DTS Connected Radio.

The technology of Headphone:X™ allows you to experience a perfect immersive surrounding sound with a ordinary headphone. When users enjoy movies, music and games on their mobile phones or tablets, they can enjoy surround sound like a movie theater with their headphones alone.


In addition, playpie is also one of the major sound technologies of DTS that enables wireless streaming of music at the same time using wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) in smart phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, desktops and so on.

In particular, in this demo zone, the demonstration of playpie technology is in progress through Mcintosh rs 100 Active Speaker, which has the best sound quality in all wireless environments.


The technology of DTS Connected Radio™ is a solution that combines the internet with radio broadcasts and can be used for all analog and digital radio broadcasts such as AM, FM, DAB+, DRM, HD radio, etc. It offers a rich experience to users by adding a diverse interactive service to existing radio broadcast.


Yoo, Jae-Yong, CEO of Experian Korea said, “In the future digital transformation era, acoustic solutions will play an increasingly important role as a key technology for virtual reality, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.” He also added, “At this World IT Show, participants will be able to experience the technology of Experian Korea, which is used in all areas from mobile sound solution to connected radio for automobiles.

월드IT쇼 공통사진

Meanwhile, ‘World IT Show 2017’ will show the slogan of ICT, meaning Transform Everything’ and also exhibit AI, IOT, autonomous vehicles, VR/AR, Big Data, etc. This year, this exhibition will offer various events including the Korea Multimedia Technology Awards Ceremony, ICT Foreign Big Buyer Invitation Export Conference, Globa ICT Partnership Program, 2017 SAFER KOREA 2017, K-ICT Future Talent Forum 2017 Opening and Exhibition/Recruitment Consultation, K-ICT Technology Business Festival Opening and Exhibition, 2017 Global ICT Prospect Conference, etc.

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