SWANICOCO (CEO Seong Chun Seon) won the “Rakyat Post” Best Company in the “MIK Beauty Awards” which was held after the ‘Made In Korea Beauty & Party’ event sponsored by AVING News on the 30th of last month.

The Bitamin line introduced by Swanicoco is a cosmetic product containing bio and vitamins that can be adapted to each skin. Vitamin A (Bitamin A All Skin & Lotion) line is a daily skin care product that can be used by all skin types. The Vitamin C (Bitamin C Calm Down Skin & Lotion) line, which has been selling well in just two weeks of its launch, is a products used for externally stimulated and sensitive skins. Additionally, the Vitamin E line is for oily combination skin type and use according to the skin type.

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Swanicoco has recently expanded its presence in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, starting with its entry into Watsons in MY Town, Malaysia. In particular, instant internet celebrities and the media interviewed MIK Beauty Awards’ in Malaysia with the selection of Rakyat Post and confirmed the market potential.

Meanwhile, MIK (Made In Korea) is a new concept trade show that was designed to help domestic successful companies to successfully enter overseas markets, and the participating companies had press pitching times with foreign presses and they were introduced to instant internet celebrities from China, domestic agencies, buyers and Youtubers.

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MIK Beauty Media Awardees

VietnamPlus: Chitocross
Yesky : Euro Dental Center
ThaiFranchiseCenter : Ovaco
ELLE China : Ami Cosmetics
THE Rakyat Post : Swanicoco
AVING NEWS : 1618 Atoclassic

MIK Beauty Wanghong Awardees

Xiao Nihai :Chitocross
Qin Yuyu : TheBooum
Yumi : 9Wishes
Wang Yuchun : Touchinsol
Gemini : Dr.Duo
Chen Feifan : Premier D&C