Before and After Bio, Celeb Secriet by Han Gyuri (CEO Han Gyuri) participated in “Made In Korea Beauty & Party 2017” held at Yangjae the K Hotel on the 30th, and introduce the best product line including Celeb Secret basic line and CC cushion.

The Celeb secret basic line contains ingredients for soothing skin troubles and inflammation caused by yellow dust and fine dust, and It actually helps with redness, troubles and acne, strengthens skin barrier, regulates water balance, and alleviates skin irritation effect.

In particular, the main product for Celeb Secret’s “Ice Soothing Gel Cream” provides enough moisture to form the moisturizing skin to soothe sensitive skin and minimize skin irritation. AS it contains the main ingredients of domestic burned ointment main ingredients, guaiazulene, it has excellent skin soothing and regenerating effect, and it alleviates sudden trouble, redness, and heat. immediately.

It is recommended that this product is refrigerated and used as cool.

So, Director Han Gyuri says “it is widely known that moisture is the most important factor in skin, but there are many people who do not know that it is necessary to use water cream for skin type. It is good to check your skin condition such as external environment, sensitivity and dry condition, and then check the ingredients in the water cream and choose the product that suits you.” And adds “There are four kinds of water cream, No.1, No.3, No.5 and No.8, and they are the most popular among the basic line because of the wide range of products to choose from for moisture, aging, sedation, and other skin types. I would like to see more people know the common sense of the skin rather than to just promote the product,”

Also, Before & After Bio launched ‘Celeb Secret by Han Gyuri waterline products, young brand “rising star” Water BangBang Ampoule mist which does skin training,

Beauty know-how of Han Gyuri, a skin specialist who specializes in managing the skin of stars, such as Big Bang, 21, BEAST (Highlight), Wonder Girls, Gong Yu, Ha Jung Woo, Gong Hyo Woo, Sohn Eunseo, Lee Sae Young is contained in the brand and the products, and Skin training and beauty recipe information can be found at Lotte Internet Duty Free Shop and Lotte Duty Free Shop Main store.

Meanwhile, MIK (Made In Korea) is a new concept trade show that was designed to help domestic successful companies to successfully enter overseas markets, and the participating companies had press pitching times with foreign presses and they were introduced to instant internet celebrities from China, domestic agencies, buyers and Youtubers.

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