Rium introduced a mobile accessory brand ‘FitU.’’ by participating at ‘2017 Korea Electronics Show(KES)’ which is hosted at Samsung-dong Coex for 4 days from 17th of October(Tues) to 20th(Fri).

Rium is a social enterprise, it has been researching and developing various ideas and designed products to solve social problems. It deals with manufacturing and selling IT peripherals, recycling used seat belts, providing support to commercialize ideas, safety helmet business, franchise business etc. Also, it is continuously putting its efforts to contribute to society through affiliation with various institutes and organizations.


The main product which Rium put an emphasis for this exhibition is FitU, the mobile accessory brand. Among them, ‘integral recharger cable’ received a lot of attention from visitors.

This cable is a double headed recharge cable compatible for both 5-pin(Android) and 8-pin(ios) and is able to transfer data and recharge rapidly. Also, there are no bumps at Android surface, so it doesn’t damage iPhone socket. The 3 main materials used are metal, nylon, silicone etc. the cable made of metal is most durable.

Team leader of Rium, Won-tae Choi said, “we have received many rewards from 2010 from government and local government for excellent technical skills, we also have acquired ISO certification, venture certification, 36 intellectual properties through aggressive investment on research and development.” Moreover, he said that he wants to develop Rium as an enterprise which brings big changes through small ideas, and that he hopes Rium could help vulnerable social group with its efforts.


Meanwhile, KES 2017, hosted by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy and sponsored by KEA (Korea Electronics Association), is an international show where lots of potential buyers, governments, group officials participate, providing a good place to experience world first products like mobile phone, semiconductor, display, and next generation convergence solutions like industrial convergence, IT convergence, digital broadcasting, smart education and e health.