BHLAB enters the global market with its functional shampoo brand MODA MODA

– Purchase request and export proposals from buyers from all over the world

– Launched first in the US and to be officially launched in Korea in July to ultimately become the major player of K-Beauty

BHLAB, a cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturing distribution company, launched a functional shampoo brand MODA MODA in the overseas market through the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in April. Also along with MODA MODA Prochange Black Shampoo, it is attracting tremendous interest from global buyers. BHLAB announced that the product inquiries and export proposals are rolling in from the buyers from all over the world as the unique functions of MODA MODA were revealed, even before the product launch. 

BHLAB CEO Bae Hyung-jin and Professor Lee Hae-shin of the Department of Chemistry at KAIST have been conducting joint research since 2017 to develop substances to make functional shampoo under the Incheon Technopark Startup Leap Package project. They applied for the patent on the composition for protecting scalp and enhancing hair color in September 2020. Along with this, a human application test was conducted by an accredited clinical institution, confirming that there were significant changes in hair protection, hair tensile strength, scalp moisturizing power, and scalp keratin improvement, as well as gray hair coverage and color retention.

MODA MODA was developed by discovering the browning when insects produce self-healing substances and fruits turning black for antioxidant purposes. The product minimizes hazardous substances by excluding eight harmful additives including hazardous hair dye, silicone, sulfate-based surfactants, and animal and mineral raw materials.

This product contains BHLAB Complex TM, which is made up of black sesame extract, black mulberry fruit extract, black western truffle extract, black cumin seed extract, and black cherry fruit extract. One bottle of the shampoo contains about 2000 PPM of the effective ingredient extracted from the antioxidant polyphenol. Made up of 100% plant-derived ingredients, it features MFDS-certified hair loss care and scalp protection, and it gradually covers gray hair by darkening gray hair every time it is used.

BHLAB is the first lineup product of the MODA MODA brand. The company will launch the shampoo MODA MODA Prochange Black Shampoo in this June in the US market, and then launch in Korea in mid-July. MODA MODA brand, which already received attention with its unique technology, is already in discussion for distribution to department stores, hypermarkets, drug stores, pharmacy chains, and major online malls. It has also received OEM production with PB names from a major cosmetics company in Korea and a large distribution company in the US. Also, discussions with major home shopping companies are underway with the aim of launching the product in the F/W season.

Bae said, “After stably entering the Korean and US markets, we will first discuss market entry with countries that currently have export proposals such as Southeast Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, South America, and Africa. We are aiming at making our brand famous in the cosmetics market like Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Motors to promote K-Beauty to the world.”