BHLAB, “MODA MODA” launches to international markets as a multi-function shampoo brand

– Product inquiry and export offers from buyers worldwide

– The ultimate goal is to become a representing product for K-Beauty. The first showcase holds in the United States, then launches in Korea this July.

BHLAB, a cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturing and distributing company, launches a multi-function shampoo brand “MODA MODA” last April with Kickstarter from global crowdfunding platform. Its first product, “MODAMODA Pro-change Black Shampoo” is getting positive attention from buyers worldwide. After revealing product’s potential and its function, BHLAB’s MODAMODA shampoo is receiving many inquiries and export offers from buyers all over the world even before the release of the product.

The CEO of BHLAB, Bae Hyungjin, and the professor of chemistry from Kaist, Lee Haeshin, have been researching together in 2017 to find and develop a potent substance for multi-function shampoo as a part of Incheon Technopark Entrepreneurship Leap Package, and have patented for the compound that protects scalp and enhance hair color in September of 2020. This compound not only is effective in concealing gray hair and prolonging hair dye, but protects hair quality, increases hair tensile strength, and moisturizes and improves healthy scalp through certified clinical trials.

MODA MODA’s product uses browning effects of self-healing properties of insects and oxidation reaction of fruit. It excludes adding hazardous dyeing chemical ingredients, 8 harmful shampoo additives, such as silicone and sulfate-based surfactant, and ingredients from animals or minerals.

The main ingredient of the product is “BHLAB Complex”, which consists of black sesame extract, black mulberry fruit extract, black western truffle extract, black cumin seed extract, and black cherry extract. Each shampoo bottle contains high concentration, 2,000 PPM, of antioxidant properties of polyphenols and the BHLAB Complex. It is a 100% plant-based product, and has properties approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. The characteristics of the properties are hair-loss care, scalp and hair quality protection and improvement, and gradually darkening gray hair.

The first product of BHLAB’s MODA MODA Brand, MODA MODA Pro-changing Black Shampoo, is anticipated to hold a first showcase in the United States in coming June, and to launch in Korea this July. The product’s unique properties have successfully gained significant attention. The shampoo is in the process of entering various markets, such as department stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, and online shopping stores. The BHLAB continues to receive private brand offers and OEM offers from major cosmetics companies in Korea and the United States. It is consulting with major home shopping companies, and aims to launch the product by this Fall/Winter season.

The CEO of BHLAB, Bae Hyungjin, shares that after successfully entering the Korean and American markets, he plans to enter markets in Southeast Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, South America, Africa, and other countries that currently request for export. He plans to promote the brand through a localization strategy and hopes ‘MODA MODA’ becomes an iconic brand when ‘K-Beauty’ is mentioned, similar to Samsung Electronics and Hyundai are iconic “Korea” is mentioned.