‘International Beauty Expo Korea 2015’ Ends with Great Fanfare

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The 13th “International Beauty Expo Korea 2015” (hereafter International Beauty Expo 2015), where all cosmetics and products from the domestic beauty industry were displayed, came to a successful close on Oct. 17.

“International Beauty Expo 2015” was selected as an international exhibition in 2011 and a promising exhibition in 2013 and 2015 by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. This year, the total number of visitors topped 30,000, boasting its popularity.

A total of 190 companies ran 360 booths, and more than 870 foreign buyers visited “International Beauty Expo 2015”. The result of “K-Beauty Sourcing Fair 2015”, which was held by the Korea International Trade Association, was successful as well. One hundred forty-one domestic companies participated and 237 consultations were conducted. The Association of Korea Exhibition Industry invited 30 Chinese buyers from the nail and eyelash beauty industry and held domestic business information and counseling sessions.

At this exhibition, various cosmetic brands and companies that are related to nail and eyelash products, beauty equipment and goods, and home care devices showcased their new products. Also, with the 3rd “Cosmetic OEM.ODM Fair” held simultaneously, the attention of global foreign buyers was concentrated on the event.

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Various free events for visitors were prepared at this “International Beauty Expo”. “Yakson House”, the No. 1 aesthetic brand in the country, provided the free experience program Golki Therapy, which stretches bones and skin, for visitors who visited its experience pavilion at the fair. There were special discount events, and pouches, eco bags, and lucky boxes were presented as gifts at “Unni’s Pouch Item Market”, a beauty flea market.

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For three days at the exhibition, hosted by Beautynury, media specializing in cosmetics, the 3rd “New Ingredients & Technologies of Cosmetics Seminar”, the 1st “Anti-aging Seminar”, and the seminar on market trends of halal cosmetics and advancement strategies were held in the conference room. Furthermore, “Invitational Presentation for Overseas Export Strategic Buyers” was hosted by COSIN. Ltd, the 4th “International Beauty Health Contest” was organized by the Korea Beauty Policy Research Association, and “2015 Korea MI Festival Contest” was organized by the Korea Pro Makeup Job Interchange Association.

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