[JARASUM MAKGEOLLI FESTIVAL] More You Shake, More Delicious It Gets! Seoul Takju Attracts Visitors’ Attention with Giveaways


Well-known for its “Jangsoo Makgeolli”, Seoul Takju (www.koreawine.co.kr) held a fun event at “JARASUM MAKGEOLLI FESTIVAL 2015”, which runs from Thursday Oct. 29 to Sunday Nov. 1 at Jarasum.

The event’s participants have to shake a Jangsoo Makgeolli bottle with a sense of urgency to increase their scores. The higher the score, the better the prize. Seoul Takju received positive reviews with this event, and many people waited in line to take part.

At the festival, Seoul Takju promoted its low-alcohol makgeolli “Ee:FF” and “Korean Red Ginseng Jangsoo Makgeolli”, which are less known than “Wolmae” and “Jangsoo Makgeolli”.

“JARASUM MAKGEOLLI FESTIVAL 2015” has been prepared to promote makgeolli, a representative Korean liquor, to the world and create a healthy and valuable liquor culture. More than 200 types of makgeolli will be introduced at the event.

Organized by the Korean Makgeolli Association to globalize makgeolli, JARASUM MAKGEOLLI FESTIVAL 2015 will be the focus of vivid reporting by the global news media Aving TV and the official Makgeolli festival Facebook page.

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Video Jeong Jang-hui / Reporter Lim Seon-gyu