[JARASUM MAKGEOLLI FESTIVAL] Strawbucks and Tether Gives Calligraphy Performance at Makgeolli Festival


Strawbucks, a calligraphy performance team, and the band Tether held a unique calligraphy performance at “JARASUM MAKGEOLLI FESTIVAL” outdoor park on Oct. 31.

Strawbucks and Tether are an art team that belongs to Physis Book, a cultural content company. It discovers and supports various types of artists through the music label 10 Record, which expands the spectrum of culture.


“JARASUM MAKGEOLLI FESTIVAL 2015” has been prepared to promote makgeolli, a representative Korean liquor, to the world and create a healthy and valuable liquor culture. More than 200 types of makgeolli will be introduced at the event.

Organized by the Korean Makgeolli Association to globalize makgeolli, JARASUM MAKGEOLLI FESTIVAL 2015 will be the focus of vivid reporting by the global news media Aving TV and the official Makgeolli festival Facebook page.

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Video Jeong Jang-hui / Reporter Lim Seon-gyu