[JARASUM MAKGEOLLI FESTIVAL Video] Awards Ceremony for Korea Liquors Contest 2015 Held

The awards ceremony for the Korea Liquors Contest 2015 was held at “JARASUM MAKGEOLLI FESTIVAL 2015” on Oct. 29.

Starting in 2007, the 8th Korea Liquors Contest 2015 selects Korea’s representative high-quality liquors. This year, a total of 32 liquors were honored with awards.

Last July, 230 products from160 companies were submitted for the preliminaries, and onsite evaluations were conducted in 16 regions. Among them, a total of 133 products from 101 companies were examined at “Korea House” in Seoul from Oct. 13 to 16. The final award-winning products were selected for eight types of liquors, including draft makgeolli, sterilized makgeolli, herbal liquor and refined rice wine, fruit wine, hard liquor, liqueur, and other liquors.

Gold prizes went to “Slow City Makgeolli (draft makgeolli, Baesangmyun Brewery)”, “’White Lotus Sterilized Misty (sterilized makgeolli, Shinpyeong Brewery)”, “Wild Ginseng Makgeolli (herbal liquor and refined rice wine, Daenong Bio)”, “Chusa Apple Wine (fruit wine, Yesan Apple Wine)”, “Andong Soju Ilpoom Gold with ABV of 40% (distilled soju, Andong Soju Ilpoom)”, “Raspberry ARAQ (hard liquor, Baesangmyun Brewery Gochang LB)”, “Damsol (liqueur, MyeongGaWon)”, and “Honey Wine (other liquors, Ibee Agricultural Union Corporation)”.

After receiving the gold award, an official from Baesangmyun Brewery said: “We are honored and glad that this event gives out awards for various types of liquors.”





“JARASUM MAKGEOLLI FESTIVAL 2015” has been prepared to promote makgeolli, a representative Korean liquor, to the world and create a healthy and valuable liquor culture. More than 200 types of makgeolli will be introduced at the event.

Organized by the Korean Makgeolli Association to globalize makgeolli, JARASUM MAKGEOLLI FESTIVAL 2015 will be the focus of vivid reporting by the global news media Aving TV and the official Makgeolli festival Facebook page.

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Video Jeong Jang-hui / Reporter Lim Seon-gyu