THiRA-UTECH to Unveil ‘Autonomous-driving Logistics Robot THiRAbot’ at Korea Pack Special & ICPI WEEK 2021

Smart Factory solution company THiRA-UTECH (CEO Jeong-ha Kim and Won-cheol Cho) participate in the Korea Mat Special & ICPI WEEK 2021 held at KINTEX, Goyang from May 25th (Tue) to 28th (Fri) and introduceTHiRAbot, an innovative autonomous-driving logistics robot.

Founded in 2006, THiRA-UTECH provides total manufacturing solutions and consulting as the leader of smart factory construction. Recently, THiRA-UTECH has expanded its business area to Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), providing solutions throughout the automation industry.

THiRAbot Autonomous Logistics Robot Series (THiRAbot 1000, 600, 200)
│ Photo – THiRA-UTECH

Amid increasing importance and interest in non-face-to-face and unmanned automation in the era of COVID-19, THiRA-UTECH will present at the exhibition booththe THiRAbot 1000, 600, and 200, a self-driving logistics robot series that can collaborate with logistics center staff.

‘THiRAbot 1000’, the top model of autonomous logistics robot, has three distinct characteristics. The first is its versatile utility. THiRAbot 1000 exhibited this time is a follow-up logistics robot that uses AI technology to identify followers and automatically moves along with them. THiRAbot 1000 can easily transport cargo at factories,construction sites, distribution warehouses, etc. and is expected to havehuge demand in the future. In addition, the THiRAbot series can be used in various fieldssince they are designed to mount manipulators such as lifts and conveyors.

The second is environmental adaptability. THiRAbot 1000 can climb a 10° incline with a maximum load of 1 ton (1000 kg) even in harsh external environments. THiRAbot 1000 is currently the only robot that can safely transport cargoin rough sites.

THiRAbot 1000 │ Photo – THiRA-UTECH

The third is precision. Transfer robots work in cooperation with facilities, where the precision of the destination point becomes very important. THiRAbot series have been designed to arrive within ±5mm of the arrival point even if there is a problem or irregularitieswith site floor condition.

In addition, THiRAbot can achieve a more powerful automation transformation when combined with proven THiRA-UTECH’s smart factory solutions (MES, WMS, WCS, etc.).

CEO Jeong-ha Kim of THiRA-UTECH said, “Many companies at home and abroad are facing extremely difficult situations due to COVID-19. But like the saying ‘there is an opportunity even amid a crisis,’ the ‘non-face-to-face’ trend and the demand for ‘manless/automation’ triggered by COVID-19 are leading the acceleration of the introduction of smart factory. To become the’world’s best’ rather than ‘Korea’sbest’ company specialized in smart factory solutions, THiRA-UTECH will expand into the smart logistics and the autonomous robot industries beyond the existing smart manufacturing industry by actively discovering new technology development and targeting overseas markets.”


Meanwhile, before the opening of 2021 Korea Pack, an online exhibition service to meet exhibitors was unveiled on the 17th (Mon.). This online exhibition hall is designed for overseas buyers, who are facing difficulties in entering the Korean market due to the prolonged COVID-19, as well as domestic SMEs who are struggling with overseas expansion. Targeting domestic exhibitors and overseas buyers matched through the online exhibition service, 2021 Korea Pack will support export channels by holding the first video-based export consultation meetings at KINTEX from the 25th to the 28th.

The items on display of ‘KOREA PACK Special & ICPI WEEK 2021’ hosted by KYUNGYON EXHIBITION CORP., Korea Packaging Machinery Association, and KIP Monthly Packaging are as follows △Packaging machine △Packaging material △Packaging label/digital printing △Packaging robot △Pharmaceutical/ cosmetic machinery and △Food machinery △Package design △Packaging plant engineering system.

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